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“Everyone defines his or her success in different ways, every artist is different, all are unique Success is defined differently for each person individually”.



Steven K started his music career at an early age. He was eight when he stepped on his first professional stage, with his mentor and superstar, Charlie Daniels. Before the performance to a sold out show, Steven received his first piece of professional advice. Charlie asked “Steven, are you scared boy?” to which Steven replied, “yes sir.” Charlie Daniels then said “good, if there is ever a time that you step onstage and ya aren't nervous, then you are doing it all wrong.”



Info on current project

Steven K has written, composed and recorded three albums, his fourth and latest album, “Memories And Milestones” has been hailed as one of the best albums to come out of Nashville TN in the last 10 years. It has many facets combining true country, southern Rock, and blues. His producers are Adam Knight and Christopher Latham, both are powerhouse producers in the Nashville area. Steven brought the music and his producers gave the album its soul by bringing in the top musicians in Nashville.

To get the perfect sound, both bands used are well known by name alone, Reba McEsntire’s band and George Straits, Ace In The Hole Band, as well as guitar by Vince Gill to round out the sound.



Band Member and Collaborative Intro

Steven K has had the honor of working with many wonderful musicians over the years. On his new album, “Memories And Milestones”, is where it got exciting. Steven got to work with Kayla Parton, niece of Country Music Icon Dolly Parton, Kayla wrote the song “Messin With The Bull” which Steven recorded. Her husband, Zack, wrote ”Country Aint Country No More” which Steven also recorded. All the songs on his new album were backed by Nashville's top musicians from both Reba McEntires and George Straights bands. The album was recorded in some of the most iconic studios in the Nashville area, Omni, Sony and the world famous Family Room Recording Studio, where some of the most well known musicians in the world have recorded.



Career Highlights and Accomplishments

Steven has been very blessed to have gotten to know many artists and entertainers over the years such as Billy Jim Baker aka “Elwood Smooch,” Junior Mercer, world famous steel guitar player, Darrell Diefenbach, “The Thunder From Down Under”, world famous NFR bullfighter. Also recorded with Country Superstars Doug Kershaw, Becky Hobbs and Gary Tallent Guitarist for Bruce Springsteen, and LeJoe Young, drummer for Travis Tritt, this year.

  • Steven is a multi-award winning country singer, songwriter and Nashville recording artist. He has won many prestigious awards including;

  • 2018 Red Carpet Awards Holland Country Male Vocalist Of The Year

  • 2019 JMA Music Award Song of the Year

  • Red Carpet Music Awards Nomination for Song Of The Year

  • 2020 JMA Music Award Nomination for Song Of The Year

  • JMA Music Award Nomination for Male Vocalist Of The Year

  • 2021 JMA Music Award Nomination for Song Of The Year

  • 2022 Global Music Award Winner

  • Grammy Award Independent Ballot Nominee

Steven K Global Music Awards


In addition, he has won five Gold and Five Platinum Disc Awards in the past 2 years.


Poze Magazine 2023 Highlights Steven K

Steven K Poze3 Magazine 2023
Steven K Poze3 Magazine 2023
Steven K Poze3 Magazine 2023
Steven K Poze3 Magazine 2023
Steven K Poze3 Magazine 2023
Steven K Poze3 Magazine 2023
Steven K Poze3 Magazine 2023
Steven K Poze3 Magazine 2023